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We provide a bespoke service to each and every individual who needs our support, and as a fully certified RTO with decades of experience, we have a passion for getting to know people, unlocking their full potential

✓ We care about your Continuous Professional Development(CPD)

CPD is at the heart of all that we do. With an experienced, fully qualified and highly trained team, Get Certify understands the need to identify, track and document the skills, knowledge and experience that you have gained, both formally and informally. We understand how tricky self-reflection can be, but during our FREE assessment, our inquisitive staff can help you acknowledge your strengths, as well as touching on any areas for improvement. We believe that whilst maintaining your skills and updating your knowledge is important, it’s vital that you continue on the path to growth, enhancing your abilities and honing your talents.

✓ History

With a flexible, honest and personal approach, All Star Training (AST) fuses insight with strategy, creativity and optimism, whilst we’ve helped a huge number of talented individuals realise their dreams and secure the most direct and relevant avenues for success.

Whether you’re looking to develop your skills, grow in a competitive environment, showcase your many talents with formal qualifications or improve your chances of moving to Australia from a foreign country, we can help you prepare for success in the best possible way.

✓ Mission Statement

Our goal is to assist our clients in turning their skills and experience into recognised qualifications. With a deep knowledge of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), we
offer individuals across the globe full or partial qualifications, without the need to re- study subjects they already have skills in. Put simply, our mission is to help more

people ease through the process of becoming certified and enjoying a rewarding

career and lifestyle in Australia. With a range of personal, premium services, we embrace the concept of life-long learning.

✓ Value Statement

Outstanding Service – We endeavour to provide excellent customer service at all times, offering honesty and integrity to exceed the expectations of our highly revered clients.
Dedication – We are devoted to lifelong learning, ensuring every individual we advise, assess or train boosts his or her skills and confidence.

✓ Loyalty

We are fully committed to developing and supporting our staff, ensuring they build on their strengths and encourage co-workers to reach their full potential

Get Certify Australia journey began in 2015, quickly developing a positive presence
in the vocational education and training sector. Just four years on, we’re at the forefront of training and assessment and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), providing quality certificates and diplomas

through top quality online learning or classroom training. Having helped people take positive steps to rewarding lives in Australia. GC is also regularly helping Australians obtain formal qualifications to improve their future prospects, with many happy customers now contributing to the national economy, participating in the job

Directors' & Staff

Farid Talukder

Farid Talukder

Founder & CEO

Farid Talukder is an educational enthusiast. He has been involved in educational management and marketing consultant since 2015. Farid holds a degree in Marketing and Management. He is a qualified trainer and assessor. Farid Talukder believes no one should be disadvantaged from getting education.