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Xpress Education is a part of Sydney Consulting Global was founded to assist International students who are looking to explore the higher education opportunities available to them. We have come across cases of which students who have spent several years in Australia or in overseas but often come and seek for assistance in finding the most suitable universities or colleges for themselves, or guidance throughout long application procedures and in some cases students struggles to process their applications to the right place for the right course.

Xpress Education was inaugurated in the year 2015, but our admission team has got more than a
decade of experiences in the education industry. Currently, we have established partnerships with universities in the Australia, Canada, UK, and USA,New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, China and Russia as well as many more destinations under development depending on the market demand.

We are intellectually curious and highly collaborative. All our education services are carefully designed and dealt with by our highly qualified experience staffs. Our associate immigration law firm advice our students and consultants where necessary, especially in immigration matter. We are the trusted advisor and counsellor of many of the most quality education provider. We are based and registered in Australia, head office in Sydney and many nominated access points and consultants in overseas. Our company is a global network of offices and practices led not by one person, but by our partnerships group. We are constantly measuring new opportunities, quality of service and ways of working against our values which always focus on profound business commitment and ethical integrity. We are a strong network of prospective student and quality education provider which has been established from consecutive success in student consultancy and education networking.



The table below gives a guide to comparing qualifications in the UK. These frameworks are subject to change. Please check the websites for the latest versions or contact the international team for more information.